Pro Elite 125 Series


ProElite 125 has a 125 ball capacity (standard and low compression). Handles convert to lock into place legs for never-tips-over, ultra sturdy base. The snap shut lid keeps balls secure for easy transport. Integrated wheels make ball pick up a breeze.

Hopper Features:

  • Customizable
    Handle Height
  • Integrated Wheels
    Roll Effortlessly
  • Drop Down Legs
    Lock Into Place


Customize your handle colors to match your favorite team


Additional information


Amazon Green, Bright White, Clear Blue Sky, Cobalt Blue, Cotton Candy Blue, Dreamsicle, Electric Green, Electric Orange, Electric Red, Electric Yellow, GoGo Green, Hotter Than Pink, Mango Tango, Midnight Black, Purple Passion, Razzberri Dream, Red Hot Delight, Sunny Side Up


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